Services & Amenities

WiFi Network: Mariposa_Guest
WiFi Password: Monarch1

Breakfast Hours: 7 am to 10 am
Pantry & Snacks: 24 hours

Hot Tub Hours: 7 am to 10 pm
Fitness Center: 24 hours

Check-out Time: 11 am 

Front Desk Hours: 24 hours
Housekeeping Hours: 10 am to 4 pm 

Unless otherwise requested, the housekeeping team will refresh your room daily, and will change linen and towels every third day
Please inform Guest Services of any specific requests. If you would prefer for your room to not be cleaned, please place the “Room Occupied” sign on your door

We also offer Luggage Storage, Dry Cleaning Services, and Toiletries (toothbrushes, razors, feminine hygiene products, etc)
For more information, or assistance with anything else, please contact our Guest Services team

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